We take pleasure in mentioning that in the last couple of years, there has been an unprecedented growth in outsourcing opportunities (in addition to the upsurge in the domestic demand) in the auto components segment, with forging & castings (machined parts) leading the pack. As a result, the industry has grown at an inevitable rate and is poised to grow consistently in the years to come.

With this backdrop, we have planned to venture into setting up a modern forge & machining facility under the name of “Bansal Precision Forge Ltd” at Bangalore, India. The amenities to be provided will be complete state-of-the-art with:

¨ Fully equipped Quality Assurance Lab comprising of modern metal analysers, magna-flux and microscopes with colour image analysers. Also, to be equipped with 3-D analysis tools for cent-percent virtual verification of the forging process.

¨ Modernized Tool Room equipped with CAD/CAM engineering software along with CNC Machining Centres to manufacture precise forging dies. 

¨ Forge Shop to have installation of complete press lines (capacity of 1000 Tonnes – 2500 Tonnes) inclusive of Billet Shearing machines, Induction Billet Heaters and Hot & Warm Forging Presses.

¨ Comprehensive gas-fired Heat Treatment facilities encompassing hardening, isothermal annealing, normalizing and tempering furnaces, build according to the specifications of the customers.

¨ Proposed expansion to install CNC Milling Centres, with sufficient turning & machining capabilities, to provide final and finished products to our customers.

¨ The plant shall be conveniently located in Bangalore, an emerging hub for auto components industry in India. Its well-connectivity and global outlook gives us enormous leverage in delivering our products and services promptly, even at short notice.

We intend to set up a world class “One-Stop Shop” manufacturing facility that can be your business partner in the near future. At this point, it would be fairly convenient for us to accommodate your requirements for any specific product line or facility. We would be glad to discuss the same at your convenience.

It would be great to have your esteemed patronage right from the start, and we are confident that with your valued inputs and suggestions, we shall be successful in our endeavour.

We look forward to hearing from you and a great future ahead …

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No. 15, First Main, Sampangi Ramanagar,

Bangalore - 560 027. INDIA.

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